Investing in people inventing the future.

Sprint VC invests market ready startups with cutting-edge technologies and products.

How do we invest?

We partner with and invest on behalf of single and multi-family offices, prominent factories, and ultra-high net worth individuals with deep pools of capital and strategic relationships.

We Sprint with focus.

What SprintVC brings to the table is what we call “fast-track deployment”. By swiftly integrating new startups within out arsenal sized cluster of manufacturers and satellite services, our companies truly experience an unparalleled market sprint.

This is why we have a narrow and clear scope regarding possible candidates even with established product-market fit, we aim at high-technology companies with complementary needs towards our Lp’s factories and research centres catalysing so business and technology growth for one another across an array of industries from AI, robotics, Biogenetics and IoT to Edge Computing.


Artificial Intelligence Venture Capital

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Venture Capital


Artificial Intelligence Venture Capital


Artificial Intelligence Venture Capital

Internet of Things

We back innovative leaders in the digital space.

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