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Presenting our Pioneering Angel SIP approach

Bringing the SIP or Systematic Investment Plan approach from Mutual Funds into Angel Investments, for the first time in the world!

Sprint brings the best of ACTIVE (Best of being an Angel) + PASSIVE (Best of being a LP in a VC)
Investing on ONE platform

Best of being an Active Angel Investor

Evaluate every startup investment opportunity - Dig as deep as you want, financials, MIS, cohorts, unit economics, all data is available on your fingertips.

Choose your contribution amount and build your portfolio - You decide how much you want to invest, and what your overall portfolio will be.

Flexibility of amount - You can interact with the founders, get involved in update calls, advise or mentor the companies, make your network available to them for mutual growth, etc.

Interact with the Startup - You can invest as small as Rs. 25,000 in a single opportunity.

Flexibility of Timeline - There is no rigid timeline for your overall investment contribution - You can go as fast or as slow as you would like, based on your assessment of market timing, and even hibernate in between if you want.

Best of being a Passive LP with a VC Fund

Bank on a Fund Manager - Through the Angel SIP model, the Investment Manager/General Partner decides the opportunities to invest in, and you participate passively in the same opportunities along with the Investment Manager/General Partner.

High Conviction through GP Contribution - Investment Manager/General Partner participates 10% of overall investment into each opportunity, this is our Skin-in-the-Game.

High Conviction through steep Hurdle Rate - The Fund charges carry only after you make 12% CAGR on your investment, hence highly performance driven.

Portfolio Approach - Angel SIP portfolio is designed to build an Angel Portfolio of 100 companies. Hence highly diversified approach, for a targeted IRR on the overall portfolio.

Lowest Commitment Amount - Get the benefits of being an LP in VC Fund, but at the same commitment size of 25 Lakhs as applicable for an Angel Fund.

Why Angel SIP

Angel Investments have traditionally had high investment ticket sizes. For investors who are just beginning to experience this asset class for the first time, it is necessary to be able to distribute already limited capital across a large portfolio of investments. Our Angel SIP model and the investment process offers the ability to investors to invest capital as small as Rs. 25000 into each investment, and thus have access to this new asset class and still greatly mitigate risk.

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How Averaging works

It is neither practical or possible to expect that all good opportunities will present themselves at the same point in time. Hence through an SIP model, the investment horizon is spread out over a longer period of time, ranging from 25 to 50 months. This investment approach gives adequate time horizon to experience different market cycles, which ensure the mix of opportunities that you end up investing in offer a diverse range of risk-reward ratios and different valuation multipliers.

How removing Judgment works

Typically on other platforms, you witness very high volume of deals, and have to individually decide on each investment. Your investment strategy and final investment amount is a function of available cash flows at that point in time. This may lead to errors in judgment and you may apportion higher amounts in investments with lesser potential. By normalizing all investment amounts across all investments, this bias is removed. Additionally, with SIP model, cash flow becomes easier to manage, hence you will never miss a good investment for want of capital.

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